Welcome to my website!

I am computer scientist living in Melbourne and working as IT architect.

Security is my daily bread. Not only as personal concern about how to protect my own computer from being hijacked, my mail or online transactions to be stolen or my websites to be tempered with. Also from a professional point of view security is always in my focus.

As I have so much to do with security I wanted to share some of my knowledge and experience with you. If you want to send me general comments or just get into contact, feel free to sent me a mail to dyrathror.


1984 was 27 years ago … as are the technologies described in H.G.Wells book. 😉

The name “man-in-the-middle” naturally comes from the Man-in-the-Middle attack pattern on any kind of communication connection. One of the meanest when not recognized. See details on Wikipedia.

Don’t get paranoid!